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Dominio de Valdepusa

The Estate

Dominio de Valdepusa stretches over 50 hectares, including the original Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard planted in 1974. From there, it has gradually expanded to include the Syrah, Petit Verdot and Graciano varieties. Large evergreen oaks mark the vineyard’s landscape and its paths are flanked by cypresses, rose bushes and rows of lavender. The main estate and the winery are historic buildings from the 18th century.

The central patio is a stunning example of classic Toledan architecture, housing a wine press where visitors can experience the traditional grape stomping system at harvest time.

The Terroir

The soil of Dominio de Valdepusa is made up of a superficial layer of clay with a thickness of 30 to 50 cm, resting on a subsoil of fragmented limestone stretching at least two metres deep. This base soil has an excellent structure, porosity and drainage, considered for centuries as the ideal conditions for producing great wines.

The Ageing Cellar

The ageing cellar is entirely underground, with a capacity for 2,000 Bordeaux barrels. Inside, there are three strict rules: It must always be clean, temperature controlled and no oxygen must enter any of the post-fermentation operations. Hygrometric control is available, keeping conditions ideal when elaborating the wines and ensuring products of consistently high quality.

Only French oak barrels from the Allier region are used and must be new or semi-new. We make an effort to minimise interventions by avoiding unnecessary transfers, filtering or clarifications.

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