Extra-Virgin Olive Oils

Generations of Unfettered Success

The Mill

For almost 800 years, the climate around the former Manor of Valdepusa was especially favourable for obtaining wines and oils of great finesse with intense aromas and taste.

Based on this, we dedicate time and resources to obtaining a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil through numerous tests of our own olive groves and those from estates nearby.

The mill was built on the estate to obtain exceptional quality olive oil. It allows us to control important factors, such as the ideal time to harvest and which technique to use, including how long to wait between when the olives are harvested and milled. The timing of the harvest is crucial, since the organoleptic properties and optimum level of polyphenols for each variety and swath of land are only optimum for between eight and ten days. The only way to harvest the olives at their peak is by closely monitoring limited areas of land featuring more than one varietal.


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